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Vape Cartridge Info

Exchange Policy

We offer a 30 day exchange policy for ELECTRONIC DEFECT only per Washington State Law.

  • You must have the receipt and original packaging.  Please keep these until you finish your cartridge, or 30 days have passed.  Washington State law requires we have these in order to exchange your cartridge.

  • Unfortunately, cracks in your cartridge, leaking or clogged cartridges, and ‘bad flavors’ are not covered by this because these issues are not electronic by nature.

  • The cartridges that we sell at High 5 Cannabis are intended to be used with batteries that we sell in store. Using third party batteries will void the warranty on your cartridge.

  • Do not leave your cartridge in warm places. This includes but is not limited to; your pocket, your automobile, or even in direct sunlight. Heat can cause vape cartridges to leak.



  • If you’re having trouble getting your cartridge to produce vapor, remove the cartridge from your battery and inspect the area where your cartridge threads on. Sometimes old leaky vapes will leave residue that prevents your new vape from creating a proper connection.

  • Do not over-tighten vape cartridges onto batteries. Not only can this physically damage your cartridge, but occasionally when a cartridge is screwed too tightly onto a battery it will not work.

  • If you believe you are having an electronic issue with your vape cartridge and need to return it to High 5 Cannabis, please bring your battery in with you as well. This will help us trouble-shoot the issue with you and will increase your chances of leaving satisfied.

  • Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions!

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