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Medical Patient Information

How do I get my Medical Marijuana card?

1.  Get an authorization form signed by a licensed practitioner (MUST be completely filled out and signed by both parties on tamper resistant approved paper).

2.  Make sure you have a valid Washington state ID with your current address on it.

**(Even if the DMV says you don't need it, YOU DO!)

3.  Give us a call (360)947-5404 & let us know you're coming in. 

4.  Bring both to High 5 and we'll take care of you.

What to Expect

1.  Be prepared to have your picture taken :)

2.  The process can take 15-45 minutes depending on the speed of the state database. 

Please be patient with us.

What Benefits does having a Medical Marijuana card give me?

  • No sales tax on cannabis products at any Washington State medically endorsed cannabis shop.

  • Save a total of 20% on cannabis products each and every time you shop at High-5.(No additional discounts on Specials or Non-Discountable Items)

  • Allowed to grow up to 15 plants at home

  • Can purchase up to 3 ounces of flower, 48 ounces of solid marijuana-infused edibles, 216 ounces of liquid edibles, and 21 grams of concentrates. (3x more than recreational customers).

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